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Published Aug 29, 21
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You’ll definitely need the right technical skills to work on this business idea. Countless small businesses start out their web presence using a Word, Press website (myself included) with one of the best web hosting plans to power it (consider even cheap hosting plans or free hosting if you’re on a budget), before needing to upgrade to other solutions for various reasons.

Before you freak out, know that there’s a $1 Million insurance policy on all cars, plus drivers are prescreened, so you can have peace of mind. This business blurs the line between investing and gambling, but can be lucrative with the right eye. Not to be confused with hoarding, these kinds of business ideas take a lot of time, patience and passion.

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Many art students are more than happy to sell their work for a bargain, and in as little as a few years, there’s a chance that piece you bought for a couple hundred bucks may be worth well into the thousands. Beware though, this business idea will take a whole lot of patience (and storage space for all that art).

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Eat, With is a great way to test the waters as a chef for your side business idea, and if you have enough rave reviews you might be able to turn your knife skills into a full-time endeavor where you’re leveraging your network to book catering events. This side business idea is built heavily upon getting happy referrals, so be sure to over-deliver for your first customers, and ask if they know anyone else who could be in need of your catering services.

Some of them, such as The Examiner or Huff, Post, will compensate contributors based on ad revenue generated per article written—a great incentive to provide compelling content to news organizations as your side business idea. Being an inventor can pay off big time, but not every patent will be worth something.

You don’t have to invent the wheel to make good money from your patented concepts—just make sure that your idea can be produced affordably, or it will never stand up against a lawsuit in the future (low start up business ideas). This business idea involves a little speculation, but the right domain names can earn a lot.

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com went for $16 Million in 2009) there’s still plenty of others that you can get your hands on for relatively cheap and broker as your side business idea. But beware: some experts doubt the long-term viability of this business idea, so you shouldn’t quit your day job just to put all your effort into this one without some successes already in the bag.

This is one of the lowest-cost mobile businesses you can get started with (good start up business ideas). While the barriers to entry for a retail shop can be very high, one way to keep costs down and limit your time investment while you keep your full-time job, is to set up a weekend popup shop as a side business idea.

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Beer online, invest the time it’ll take to perfect your craft, make a unique brew and start shopping it around to friends & family to see what they think of this side business idea. You’ll thrive with this business if you have an eye for detail. As long as there is still the written word, there will always be editors. best start up business ideas 2020.

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Many people give up on their faulty laptops, mobile phones, or cameras without even looking into the cause of their malfunctions. If you have the skills to fix them, consider pursuing this side business idea of refurbishing and reselling used electronics in your free time. Love numbers? People in this line of business are great at pulling insights out of data.

I got my start with this business idea, and know first hand how lucrative it can be. Every website owner (including myself) hires copywriters to write content for things like about pages, FAQ’s, or blog posts. Hourly wages for novice copywriters are not very high, but with some experience and a growing portfolio, you can become a freelance writer today and soon be charging more than you make at your full-time job if you find the right clients and brand yourself as an expert with this side business idea.

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Whether it’s a second home or your own apartment, this can be a very dependable business. Not only is Airbnb a great way to make money by renting out your spare bedroom or living room couch as a legitimate home-based business idea, but you also have the benefit of meeting new people and making new friends if that’s your kind of thing.