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Published Jun 07, 21
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22 Work From Home Jobs That Require Little To No Experience in Baton-Rouge-Louisiana

VIPKID pays $17 – $24 an hour depending on experience and monthly incentives. The best part? You don’t need to be a teacher to sign up. VIPKID provides the curriculum for you. All you need is a computer and a passion for helping youngsters. If you have a Bachelor’s degree and some experience in the field, you are a great fit.

6. Selling Unwanted Items On e, Bay If you’ve ever been to a flea market, a thrift store, or browsed online auction sites, you know just how many times people will get rid of things that still have a lot of life and value in them. Value for you, that is! You can find unwanted but valuable items for incredibly low prices and list them on e, Bay for resale to make a nice profit! There is no specific hourly rate because what you can make is directly related to how many items you sell in a given time frame and to how large your profit margin is per item.

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Since you are providing them with market research they are willing to pay you. It’s a win-win for both parties. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. You get paid for the surveys you actually complete. If you take a lot of surveys each month, you can earn at least $100.

Depending on experience, a transcriptionist can make $15-30 per hour. If you go into transcribing legal and medical conversations/interviews, then you can earn a high rate. You might need to invest in some equipment to get started, but you can do it 100% on your time. How fast can you type? Do you like listening to conversations and writing down what you hear? If you answered yes to the last question, then becoming a transcriptionist is for you! This is great if you enjoy taking notes over the phone or during meetings.

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9. Starting a Bookkeeping Business Bookkeeping is the process of taking revenues and expenses from a company and notating them in an accounting software. If you know your stuff, you can target companies that need help with the books. Once you use software like Quick, Books to set up rules, the process can become pretty simple and straightforward.

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You should have a thorough knowledge of the tax process first, though, so you don’t get your clients in trouble with the IRS. Luckily, there are ways to learn that if you don’t have the proper knowledge. If you enjoy a calculator and systems, bookkeeping is the right fit for you.

22 Work From Home Jobs That Require Little To No Experience in Mobile-Alabama

63 Jobs That Require No Experience & Let You Work at Home!Best 10 Ways To Work from Home With No Experience

Before you target anyone, make sure you have a proficiency in the skill. Kara Fidd over at shows you how to get started designing graphics. Best Work From Home Jobs Where No Experience is Needed Maybe you want to get started working from home, but you just don’t think you have the skills yet to get started.

If you’re unsure of your time commitment you could always work from home part time to trial it first too. Everyone who started making money online was in the exact same position you are now. Start off on one of these jobs and then you can level up to one of the side hustles above.

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But out of all the options out there, the most requested service right now is Businesses owners need people who can run their ad campaigns and bring them, new customers. So they look for people like YOU to hire and perform this service for them. One thing all business owners want is MORE CUSTOMERS.

Facebook is the most robust and targeted ad platform ever. A business owner can place an ad targeting people in their town or people who have a certain interest and get clicks on their website, book appointments, or start making sales. This can literally be done in a matter of minutes.

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All you have to do is complete them on your time and with their directions! Whether it’s cutting the lawn or shopping for groceries, you get to do it on your schedule. Approximately $25 per hour. But, keep in mind that Task, Rabbit takes 15% of that. As of right now, it only serves metro areas, but they’re looking at increasing their presence in other areas.

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Just head over to to get started. 14. Working as a Translator Think about all the books, court documents, etc. that need translating. All you have to do is go from one language to the other and the job is done. They can make about $25 per hour. If you translate from a less common language, then you can earn more.